Laser Tag Team Building in New Jersey

In recent years team building has finally found its place as an important part of any successful team, be it work, sports, or any other type of “team” environment. From what started as things like “trust falls” and games of “telephone” to simply going out to team dinners, team building activities are being embraced by companies all over the world as vital to team fluidity.   

Why Team Building is Important 

To really stress the importance of teambuilding one would need to understand the different aspects of it. Team building improves communication, encourages collaboration, builds leadership skills, and encourages problem-solving. In recent years, many companies have started realizing the benefits and made team-building events a regular part of their annual plans.   

How Laser Tag Helps With Team Building 

As previously mentioned, team building has moved beyond activities inside the office. Escape Rooms, go-kart racing, and axe building have all been implemented as team-building activities.  Escape rooms are the clear favorite because they have allowed teams to work together to achieve one goal by conquering many puzzles and problems along the way.  It covered all of the benefits that teams look for in team-building exercises while allowing the team to have fun at the same time. At Tac Ops, we have tried to foster those benefits by making our games “goal-based”. Our laser tag games are not just “run and gun”, teams have to work together and plan in order to win the games.   

Improves Communication 

We have a “briefing session” before every round, allowing teams to strategize how they will achieve their goals.  Teams that plan better have a clear edge over their opponents. During this session, teams will look at a map and pick a path that they feel best helps them complete the objective.

Encourages Collaboration 

As with all teams, collaborating is vital. Goals cannot be achieved without everyone doing their part. Our briefing sessions allow for goals to be planned as a collaborative effort. If people aren’t pulling their weight, it’s going to show in the score. Typically everyone needs to execute their portion of the mission in order for it to succeed. 

Builds Leadership Skills 

Even as teams break up into smaller groups to cover different areas of the map, it forces critical thinking and decision-making, acting as a leader. Quick decision-making and execution of that choice can be the difference between moving further into the arena or having to go back to the respawn points, costing your team valuable time in accomplishing the goal.

Encourages Problem-Solving

Laser tag at Tac Ops is not about tallying kills, it’s about completing your objective. Working with your team to figure out the best route and plan for you to overcome the goal.   

Book Your Laser Tag Team Building Experience Today  

Laser tag at Tac Ops is more than just a game. It allows people, even strangers, on the same team to break down barriers as they work together to finish their missions.  Members of the team are put in situations forcing them to work together, similar to their work environment. As we have an added game aspect, laser tag at Tac Ops has quickly become a favorite sport for teams and companies for their team-building activities. Contact us to book your team-building event today.