Are there any age restrictions?

We welcome all players ages 8 and up to play at Tac Ops Laser Tag.

Do I need to make a reservation or can I walk in?

We are a reservation only facility.

what is included in the party room?

Our party room is equipped with utensils, plates, napkins, etc.   Everything that you should need.   The only thing that we do not offer is the food or drinks.   You are welcome to bring in whatever you’d like and we will also provide you with a name of a local restaurant and you can coordinate your food delivery directly with them.  the party room also has a refrigerator and freezer for you to keep anything ready until the party.

The only other thing that we ask is that if you bring an ice cream cake, you bring a knife from home.   We have plastic cake cutters but they don’t always make it through ice cream cakes.

How long does a game of laser tag take?

A 75 minute sessions consists of 15 minutes suiting up and briefing on the rules and different games. After that is a full hour of gameplay consisting of 6 games within the session.

Do you have both indoor and outdoor facilities?

All of our gaming facilities are indoor arenas, so our we can remain open no matter the weather conditions.

What is your food and drink policy?

Food and drinks will be allowed in the lobby, as well as our party rooms, but will not be permitted in the tactical laser tag arenas, with the exception of water

Is there a viewing area for nonplayers to watch?

Yes. All of our games will be televised on the monitors in our lobby and in our party room.

Can I book out the entire venue?

Absolutely! Our facility can be booked for large groups, birthday parties, and corporate team building events with a $400 flat rate for up the first 10 players! To book our arenas for a private party, simply click any time slot that you are interested in booking and click the option to book the game private.  Every additional player above that 10 will be an additional $30.

What should I wear?

While we do not have a required dress code, we strongly recommend wearing comfortable clothing and athletic shoes.

Do I need to fill out a waiver before playing?

Yes, every player is required to have a waiver on file. Please follow the links at the top of the page for the waivers for the location in which you are playing.

How many players can play at once?

Our facilities allow for up to 30 players to play simultaneously.

Do you provide storage for purses and other personal items?

Yes, our facility is equipped with lockers that can house all of your personal belongings while playing.

Do parents need to accompany children?

No, we do not require parents or guardians to accompany their children. As long as the waivers are properly filled out and signed, you will be all set to start playing!

How does the scoring process work?

Scoring and statistic tracking will be available though the CallSign app. We strongly recommend players download this app to their cell phone in advance, so they will be fully prepared to see their stats and score! The app will break down specific stats for each of the games played and will show you the winner.