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Five Key Differences Between Traditional and Tactical Laser Tag

When people hear the term “laser tag” it conjures up mental images of blacklights and glowing neon. For many, the nostalgia they feel in one of those arenas is unmatched and harkens back to their childhood, running around with their […]

Top Eight Benefits of Playing Laser Tag

While it is certainly a game at its core, playing laser tag has benefits that wouldn’t occur to most people at first glance.  As with most things nowadays, “gamifying” a mundane or unpleasant experience can make it more palpable but […]

Three Tips for Throwing an Epic Laser Tag Birthday Party

Laser tag has been around for decades, which means laser tag birthday parties are something that has been around for just as long.  However, just as laser tag has evolved over the years, so too has what makes a memorable […]